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Every Woman Is Different. Know Your Breast Cancer Risk

Palms Imaging Center provides you and your doctor with a Breast Care Plan as your reliable Ventura Cancer Center in CA that is designed just for you. With only a few questions, Palms Imaging Center will check if you are at higher-than-average risk for developing breast cancer. For most women, the plan is as simple as an annual mammogram. For women at higher risk, the plan may include additional tests and risk-reduction strategies.

What Are the Risks?

Several factors are linked to a woman’s risk of developing breast cancer:1
• Age
• Family history of breast cancer
• High breast density (determined from your mammogram)
• Genetics (such as BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutations)
• Personal history of breast cancer
• Race and ethnicity
• Radiation to the chest or face before age 30
• Gynecological history
• Hormone use
Unfortunately, some women have very few of these risk factors and still develop breast cancer. That is why regular screening is important. High breast density is a strong risk factor for developing cancer and can make it harder for radiologists to see cancer on a mammogram.

About Mammogram Quality

Why Is Image Quality Important For Mammograms?

High-quality images make it easier for radiologists to find cancer. That’s why, in your search for a cancer center in Ventura, CA, we utilize Breast Density Analysis software at Palms Imaging Center. This revolutionary software uses artificial intelligence to help technologists monitor the image quality of every single mammogram. This technology helps ensure that the whole breast is imaged, avoiding common issues that can obscure a cancer, such as skin folds.

About Breast Density

What Is Breast Density?

Why is this important? Breasts are primarily made up of fat and fibroglandular tissue. The more fibroglandular tissue you have compared to fat, the denser your breasts. Breast density also plays a significant role in radiologists’ ability to detect breast cancer because it can make spotting cancer more difficult. Dense tissue and many cancers appear white on a mammogram. Thus, the denser your breasts, the whiter your mammogram will look.

How Is Breast Density Measured?

To ensure accuracy Palms Imaging Center uses Breast Density Analysis software to automatically and objectively determine the volume of dense tissue in your breasts. This software helps us better manage your breast health care.

Additional Screening Tests Needed?

Breast density helps Palms Imaging Center identify women for whom the mammogram may not be enough and who may benefit from additional screening, such as ultrasound or MRI.

Will I Develop Breast Cancer?

Having some of these risk factors doesn’t mean that you will develop breast cancer. The average lifetime risk is 1 in 8, but your individual risk may be different. Your risk may be as low as 1% 2% or as high as 70%-80%.



Women with Dense Breasts are up to 6X More Likely to Develop Breast Cancer.¹

Palms Imaging Center will first calculate your risk and then create an individualized screening program that is just right for you. Your program will take into account your unique risk factors and not the national average risk of 1 in 8.

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2. Susan G. Komen Foundation,