PET/CT Scanner For Cancer

Palms Imaging Center has upgraded its PET/CT Scanner to the NEW Siemens Biograph Horizon™ System. This system offers the newest PET/CT technology, utilizing a digitized signal processing technique and time-of-flight technology for reduced doses, faster scan times, and maximum accuracy. Our PET/CT scan computerized tomography for cancer gives valuable information, giving you a clear view to help make smart choices.

What is PET/CT?Positron Emission Tomography ACR Logo Accredited Facility

PET/CT is a powerful imaging technique that holds great promise in the diagnosis and treatment of many diseases, particularly cancer. A non-invasive test, PET/CT accurately images metabolic and anatomic information in the human body in a single scan. This allows your physician to examine your entire body at once. PET/CT provides a more complete picture, making it easier for your doctor to diagnose problems, determine the extent of disease, prescribe treatment, and track progress.

Combined with CT scan computerized tomography, PET/CT scans are very helpful in diagnosing and staging cancer. They also help doctors differentiate between different forms of dementia and Parkinson’s Disease. For more information regarding PET/CT, please visit

PET/CT exams offered:

  • PET/CT Skull-Thigh
  • PET/CT Whole Body
  • PET/CT Bone
  • PET/CT Brain

PET/CT injections offered:

  • F-18 FDG PET/CT (Oncologic Imaging)
  • CU 64 PET/CT (Neuroendocrine)
  • PSMA PET/CT (Prostate)
  • FES PET/CT (Breast)


  • Early Cancer Detection: Identify even the smallest tumors at their earliest stages, significantly increasing treatment success rates.
  • Accurate Staging: Determine the extent of cancer spread, guiding you and your doctor toward the most effective treatment plan.
  • Treatment Monitoring: Track treatment effectiveness and adjust plans as needed for optimal results.
  • Neurological Conditions: Differentiate between dementia and Parkinson’s Disease for a clearer diagnosis.


Appointments available by referral only
Monday-Friday from 7:00 am to 7:30 pm
Saturdays from 9am to 2pm
Equipment: Siemens Biograph Horizon™
Tech(s): Shannon, Cole