Physicians & Staff

At Palms Imaging Center, we recognize that in order to fully utilize the full diagnostic potential of today’s sophisticated imaging technology, imaging studies must be interpreted by highly skilled and sub-specialty trained radiologists. That is why we have assembled a team of board-certified, fellowship-trained radiologists with impeccable credentials to give the most accurate and detailed read possible.


  • Behzad Noorbehesht, MD, PhD – Oncologic Imaging/PET-CT, Stanford University
  • Sean Chang, MD – Neuroradiology, USC
  • Edmund Wong, MD – PET-CT, Stanford University


The leadership of Palms Imaging Center, the administration team, works hard to oversee the management of the center.

  • Behzad Noorbehesht, MD – Medical Director
  • Sharam Assary – Director of Finance
  • Carmen Garcia – HR/Senior Administrative Supervisor
  • Angela Rodriguez – PET Supervisor
  • Gabby Tinoco – Administrative Supervisor
  • Laura Angel – Scheduling Supervisor
  • Maricela Reyes – Clerical Supervisor
  • Stephanie Gonzalez – Women’s Center Supervisor


Our technologists have an eye for detail with knowledge and understanding of the human body in regards to imaging. Each technologist is expertly trained to get just the right position, angle, and focus to provide our radiologists with pristine images to interpret.

  • CT – Cole, Joe
  • Mammography – Emily M., Emily F.
  • MRI – Cole, Vanessa, Jesse
  • PET – Shannon, Cole, Joe
  • Ultrasound – Kirsten, Gino, Stephanie, Alex, Roxanne, Tracy, Graciela, Alexandria, Cynthia, Alexis
  • X-ray / Fluoroscopy / DEXA – Joe, Leticia


Palms Imaging Center is one of the few centers in Ventura County with nurses on staff. Our nurses are specially trained to work with radiologists and technologists to provide excellent care to patients who are having procedures or sedation prior to their exams. This is one of the areas in which we go the extra mile to serve our patients.

  • Nurse – Sammy

Back Office

Our incredible team of back office support works hard at making sure the center runs smoothly for our patients and referrers. From patient care to medical records, each of these intricate details is handled by experts.

  • Mammography Coordinator – Tina
  • Medical Records – Yvette
  • Courier – Bianca
  • Patient Coordinator – Cynthia, Erica


The Palms Imaging Center clerical team handles phones, patient registration, and scheduling.

  • Lead Insurance & Authorization Coordinator – Nyomie
  • Insurance & Authorization – Selina
  • Receptionists – Carole, Bianca, Katyn, Estela
  • Women’s Center Receptionist – Angie S.
  • Schedulers – Erica, Nayeli